Above Barbados are licensed & insured aerial video & photography specialists. Utilising remote-controlled quadcopters / multi-rotor UAVs / drones.


Aerial photography/video flight of approx. 30-40 minutes duration

• 5 edited still photos
• Unedited high-definition video footage (15-20 mins) from flight

Our Silver Package gives you complete post-processing control over the aerial photography and video footage shot at your location. After the shoot, which takes ~2 hours, you will receive the raw photography and video footage to use as you see fit - allowing you, or your chosen multimedia professional, to edit to your requirements. We will also supply 5 professionally edited/post-processed aerial photographs from the shoot for your immediate use.

As the Silver package, with the addition of:

• 10 edited still photos
• Professionally edited   (90-120 second) high-definition video including background music and titles/watermarks

In addition to the raw photography and video footage, you will receive further post-processed photos and in addition to this - a professionally edited promotional high-definition video (which includes music and your choice of titles/imagery). This can be immediately used on social media, video sharing sites and even television/cinema spots.
As the Gold package, with the addition of:

• ‘Ground’ photography    and video to complement    the aerial video
• 10 high-resolution interior   and exterior still photos

Our Platinum Package adds to the Silver and Gold Packages by integrating ground photography and high-definition video. This increases the shooting time from 2 hours to 6+ hours. The processed video will seamlessly integrate the aerial and ground video to give a complete and stunning picture of your  location.
$975BDS $1,875BDS $3,500BDS

prices in Barbados dollars, exclusive of VAT

We also offer half-day and full-day rates, please contact us with your requirements for a quote.