Aerial Photography & Video Services in Barbados

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Above Barbados offers an exciting new perspective on our beautiful island - rise up in the sky to take exciting aerial footage in high-definition...

Above Barbados are aerial media experts able to provide you with high-definition footage of your chosen subject. When it comes to trusting someone to get the footage you need - look no further.

Piloted by licensed remote aircraft pilots and operating with public liability insurance cover, our platforms can capture captivating footage of your desired location. from angles not thought possible before.

Filming with aerial platforms provides an amazing sense of space - which is highly important to convey on larger properties.

Aerial footage is captivating and we have found that it is shared, searched and viewed far more than any other type of photography or film within the industry.

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Above Barbados adhere to all CAA guidelines and we enforce a strict code of conduct on all our flying activities.


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Utilising high defintion cameras, we can shoot video in any format, resolution and speed for your needs.

  • Resolution up to 4k, including 720P, 1080P, 2.7k, all in narrow, medium, wide or ultra wide-angle format.
  • 24fps to 120fps.
  • Normal, slow-motion and super slow motion.
  • Either NTSC or PAL formats. MP4, AVI, WMV - in fact, any digital format you require.

We can provide you with the raw video footage
or post-process the footage it into your desired form, format and final edit.


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